• I used to think,
    Our friendship was the best.
    Now we can really,
    Put it to the test.
    You were always there for me,
    This I know,
    Always right there,
    Being alone is what I wanted though.
    Every time something bad happened,
    You always said it was my fault.
    When that started,
    My love for you came to a halt.
    Why would you blame me,
    For something I didn't do?
    Can't you just for once believe,
    That what I say could be true?
    I know it's hard,
    To face reality,
    Because it's a lot easier,
    To make this illusion what you see.
    I thought I was your best friend,
    Come to find out I wasn't even close.
    The sting of the truth,
    Is what hurt me the most.

    I thought you were my best friend,
    Now I know that's not true.
    Goodbye, Kim,
    Our friendship is through.