• Each step you take in life,puts you in a direction.

    Left...right...or maybe straight on.

    But each step you take...you have to remember it's your step and not there's.

    Don't lift your hand or turn your head and blame them.

    Every thing you said to them,every though you had...it's all you.

    Stop for a moment.

    And think about what you do.

    Once you step...There's no going back.

    You can't make a new beginning...

    but if you want...

    Maybe you can take a giant leap

    And turn from the path your on

    And go to a different one

    And make a new ending

    It's not easy

    Old habits die hard.

    It's like saying "an old dog can't learn new tricks."

    So a few years from now

    When you turn back

    Don't you want to see that you did right

    Don't you want to see it was all fro the best

    Don't be selfish

    It's not about you...it's about the world.