• Yes, I remember that night
    Three nights ago when I had discovered you
    With my own “precious” sister
    You didn’t see me then
    Not as I opened the door and peeked in
    Not as I walked away from there, stunned
    You came home as usual
    Complaining about your boss
    You were completely oblivious
    When I handed you your drink
    Oblivious to the corpse lying in our bedroom floor
    Lying in her own pool of blood
    O how tender and gently you kissed me
    How much joy and pleasure it used to bring to me
    How it made me want to vomit
    Knowing that these lips had touched another
    Only a while ago
    But I held my tongue
    And watched you take your drink
    Laced with arsenic
    I watched you vomit and sweat
    And finally collapse.
    Don’t you look at me with those eyes
    You had no one but yourself to blame
    You should have been more careful
    You should have stayed away from my sister
    Well, now, you can spend eternity with her.