• I've pondered on the things you've said
    I watched your lips as my mind grew dead.
    Your words are like dirges to my ear
    Your mouth contorted, I couldn't help but stare.

    You asked if I was listening
    And I nodded yes
    I wish you could read my mind.
    I'm sure you would have left.

    I walked away
    You called me backed
    I hissed my teeth
    “Is this guy on crack”?

    He was talking about the type of guy he was
    He was like an annoying parrot
    He yapped some more
    I was compelled to take a pebble and pummel him to the floor.

    Blood scattered all over the ground
    All that manufactured merriment turned into silent tears
    I wanted to apologize but God I didn’t
    I guess I wanted him to fear.

    He told me it’s because I was a girl he didn’t hit back
    Ha ha ha that’s hilarious!
    I guessed he was the bigger person
    God I wanted to strike him again with a bigger rock.

    It’s because his mouth contorted, I didn’t want to stare
    His words were dirges to my ears
    Watching his lips my mind grew dead
    God I wished I didn’t meditate on the things he said.