• Strange, unfamiliar feelings
    Crawled into my obscured heart
    Should I worry? Should I care?
    I don’t know

    You and your odd belief
    Your beautiful face, a perfect sculpture
    Your long eyelashes, twinkling glitters
    Fascinate me

    I want you to take me in your warm arms
    I want you to ease the pain in my blackened heart
    I want you to wipe all my tears and heal my wounds
    I want you bad

    Fix my twisted nerve
    Erase all my disturbing thoughts, shameful sins
    Wash all my confusions and fears
    Make me feel alright

    Between this madness
    Infuriating circus
    Your whisper, soft and surreal
    Comforts me

    Oh how I want to
    Go deep into your heart
    But before I come in
    Someone has already there

    Oh now I feel so lost
    Such a confusing infatuation
    No reason is right
    No affection is left