• i waited to long.
    im tired and broken.
    my hearts not in tact,
    ive given up all hope,
    you were never there like he is,
    i was always there for you when you needed me,
    you always laughed at me and left when i needed you,
    how could you be so cruel?
    to want me dead and not even know it.
    how could you be so ignorant as to think i didnt love you?
    ive given in and now my ignorance is bliss,
    all my heart was full of hate,
    he fixed your damage,
    he picked me up where you left me,
    im in debt to him,
    you never wanted me,
    i know you wanted her,
    it pains me to say it but....
    one day she'll crack and let you in,
    but the second you say yes,you will have sealed your fate.
    i dont want anything that touches scum like her in my presence.
    i wont let you near me,
    our fates have turned in opposite directions,
    mine to his and yours to hers,
    but what if yours leaves hers and comes back to mine....
    it will have probaly been to late,
    i cant mend myself completely without you gone...
    who knows,i might let you talk to me,
    but if you were to want me,i would deny you,
    my whole being was,and is yours,
    but ill take as much back as i can,
    in a way,we were ment to hurt eachother,
    but some how,you missed that path,
    it all came to me,
    now im depressed,
    i argue,
    i fight,
    i never really smile,
    i am forced to fake happiness,
    that hurts the most,
    i amamazed i amstill alive,
    my final plee is this to be,
    give me back whats left of me.