• What is the use of love
    is it a smile, a kiss or a hug
    people spend there whole life looking for the one
    but not many find them before their time is done
    but what if your someone is with another
    do you feel hurt and say you can't have a lover
    or do you move on and live life at its best
    and do whatever is the rest
    but when you see that person again
    will your heart still twist and bend
    your not sure if its for hatred or love
    and you ask the man above
    but he does not reply
    untill you see him the day that you die
    dont ever give up looking for that guy
    because he may be by your side
    and you may not notice untill the time is right
    and then you'll see that he is the light
    so keep on searching for him no matter what happens