• Your my everything
    You mean so much to me
    I wanna be with you every second
    of the day
    Everytime we kiss I get this feeling
    That we are gonna be together forever
    But it might not happen
    So my mom says

    She doesn't matter
    Neither does your mom
    As long as were together
    I'm happy

    I miss you now
    Cause you won't call me
    I've been awake for awhile
    Waiting for you to call
    But you haven't

    I'm starting to get worried
    But I don't know why
    My friends say it's annoying
    How much I am obsessed
    with youu.

    I've lost many friends
    for you
    You should be happy
    Cause I sure am

    So I am writing this
    for you
    I hope you like it

    Iloveyou smile