• Daddy, Daddy come back
    She screams as his camo. suit
    Camouflages into the silver steal bird,
    Flapping, floating away to a place
    Full of the fallen.

    He holds her limp frame
    As blood seeps through her
    Crying wrists.
    Crying, as his eyes copy her path
    Full of the fallen.

    The mother’s hair has fallen
    All gone to ashes.
    The children sob around her sagging bed
    Sob for such a kind caring mother,
    Full of the fallen.

    Daddy, Daddy dearest explodes on an evening,
    The boy’s frame hangs from the ceiling, swinging,
    The casket is lowered as the funeral bell is ringing.
    Eyes continue
    to sigh to cry want to die
    For those lost.

    Only the bravest of the brave face Death’s singing.
    Only the selfless of the selfless can strip ones own breathing.
    Only the kindest of the kind can walk Stixs as its laughing.
    Only those that are dead know of the silver platter life has storing
    For us and only us.
    Hail to the dead;
    Let the stars weep for their suffering.
    Praise for the fallen.