• Are Deep And Painful.
    Full Of Memories And Secrets.
    Full Of Halls Of Open Doors.
    Some Doors Slightly Open.
    Some Doors Slammed Tight.
    Too Many Memories Lie Behind These Doors.
    One's Waiting To Be Released Into The Mind, Into The Blood Flow.
    Some, Making Their Trips Already.
    Some Soon Being Released.
    Some Never Able To Make It There.
    These Doors Wanting To Be Closed All Of Eternity.
    Many Unlocked Door's Have Dreadful Consequences.
    These Door's,
    They Make Us,
    Who We Really, Truely Are.
    A Torn Up, Deep Dark Mess Of Scrambled Thoughts And Memories.
    Everybody Has These Doors.
    Not Everybody Uses Them.