• Tears they fall and I don’t know why
    These moods I’m in just make me cry
    The anger, rage, just all comes out
    For no other reason I just scream and shout

    Fine one minute, the next I’m breaking
    I’m tired of putting on these smiles I’m faking
    Doesn’t anyone see the pain that I’m in
    Why can’t someone save me from within

    My world is crumbling, fallen at my feet
    While I struggle to keep from accepting defeat
    I bottle it up just to appear strong
    While deep inside I’ve been weak all along

    I can’t keep holding on for a hope of tomorrow
    When it just keeps bringing my heart more sorrow
    So I sit here crying, pathetic, and a mess
    Afraid of showing others the emotions I suppress

    Afraid they will judge me, belittle what I feel
    So I spend my nights alone, trying to deal
    I don’t know who I am anymore, thoughts run deep
    My bottled emotions form in nightmares as I try to sleep

    I wish I could tell someone and bare what I feel
    Who’d still be there to accept me and all I’d reveal
    So on my own I handle these things
    Negative comments pull at my strings

    Raw nerves and open cuts
    The smallest remark can drive me nuts
    In this nightmare I often drown
    Every time I have a breakdown