• He Sits There On His Little Bed
    With My Chemical Romance Going Around His Head
    The Message Is Simple Make Yourself Dead

    He Flicks His Hair
    Annoying Lip Ring Which Probally Gave His Mother A Scare
    His Rooms Too Black
    Too Depressed To Clap

    Razor Blade Around His Neck Just In Case
    ''Fall Out Boy And My Chemical Romance Are The Best!'' He Says
    ''I Can Relate To Them'' He Says
    What? Sad,In A Mess?
    Lonely And Depressed?

    Give Slayer A Try!!!
    ''No Way Thats Just Noise!''
    AC/DC Perhaps?
    ''No Thats A 60 Year Old In A Schoolboy Hat!''

    Wont Allow Any Outside Help
    Cuts Himself Just To Hear Himself Yelp
    ''Ive Had Enough Of This!!!'' He Says
    And He Goes To Bed With My Chemical Romance Still Fresh Inside His Head

    A Poem By Cian ninja