• As I look into your eyes
    filled with pain and doubt
    because of all these guys
    that made you take a pout

    As I squeeze your hands
    between my fingers
    I smile and kiss your cheek

    I speak slow
    I speak steady
    I speak truth
    but are you ready?

    "I love you
    I care for you
    I'll be here till the end
    I'll always be your friend"

    "I'll hold you tight
    Even as we fight
    this world, worse will get
    I tell you now, not to fret"

    "for I'll be here
    only for you
    to catch that tear
    and keep it a few"

    "I'll never leave you
    I'll only hold you
    I'll hug you tight
    I'll give you my light"

    "so, Honey, please
    do not worry
    I'll always be here for you"

    "I won't leave you"