• the spirited bandit

    the spirited bandit is ageless

    ghostly deceiver, father of lies

    he frenchkisses death for ages

    she falls in love

    he never dies

    his eyes are made of aquamarine

    his lucky number is seven

    seven lovers praying for him

    trying to buy his way to heaven

    every nocturne sentinel loves him

    every monster fears his dagger

    he stole the halo from a seraphim

    he is the son of always and never

    stealing hearts with a kiss

    scaring demons with a hiss

    he carved his name on your skin

    malice and madness

    the poison within

    he digs his hand in our chest

    he gives your heart for you to sever

    you know you did not pass the test

    you're hopeless

    you will love him forever...