• Tripping up the stairs
    Falling from the sky
    Losing a love
    Blood dripping from your knife
    Watching your best friend die inside.
    An emotional thing,
    That I show no sympathy towards.
    I don't know how to react,
    Or even what to say.
    For every word I utter
    Seems to eat your life away.
    Watching your best friend die inside.
    How it happens, i have no clue.
    Why she lets it kill her....
    Even when her life will wither
    And fall to pieces to the ground
    She'll take the secret to the grave.
    Blood dripping from her knife,
    And spilling on the floor,
    While I lay sleepless across the door.
    My eyes wide as I hear her sobs,
    And her restless blood hit the floor.