• Usually, you're just sitting there in the back of my English class
    With that black notebook of yours
    Or outside the gym, having a smoke from those ciggerettes of mine
    You stole from my locker where they're stored
    Usually, you're mezmerised in some girl's eyes, describing them with different shades of green
    While mine are only dark and stale
    Like the things I assure myself you have most likely seen
    Usually, you're cutting your wrist with your dead father's shaving blade
    Hoping to hit an artery, and not a vein
    And I'm hoping you realize how much it would suck if you bled to death
    Hope you won't go insane
    Usually, you're dreaming of your dark soul mate who flies with flowing black hair and combat boots
    While I have curly brown hair and converse shoes
    She would call to you with a Paramore song with a broken down megaphone
    When I could play you my acoustic, mumbling a song by Muse
    Usually, you're wearing black, tight clothes that bring out your Jack Skellington figure
    And hum "This Is Halloween" by Marylin Manson
    When I'm wearing this hand-me-down from my runned down sister
    And am stuttering rhymes at random
    Usually, people tell you not to cry when you walk by with your elegant stride
    Like a nocturnal angel, you scowl with little interest
    Because your used to it, and I'm not at all
    That's what has started this melodic request
    Usually, you would gaze at me blankly, probably paying more attention to the teacher's lecture
    About how opposites attract
    And I'm glancing at your flawless complexion
    Missing the question, "Miss H, how do birds and fishes interact?"
    Usually, I wouldn't be saying this to you, to not cry
    But I'm in no condition for your unquestionable depth's whirl
    So I only ask whether you, Emo boy, could say to me
    Don't Cry Emo Girl