• Everyone yearns for love
    The touch
    The feel
    But what is love?
    Is it a gentle caress
    Is it a passionate kiss
    Is it an inside joke
    What is love
    Love is caring for a person with all your being
    Wanting to hold them and never let go
    Wanting to know their every thought
    Being there at their best
    Staying for their worst
    Love is never wanting to fall asleep
    just because you don't want to miss anything
    Love is closing your eyes and seeing them
    no matter how far away they are
    Love is the tug at your heart
    whenever they come to your mind
    Love is the butterflies in your stomach
    whenever they touch you
    Love is missing them feircely
    when they only leave for a moment
    Love is giving someone the power to break you
    but trusting them enough not too
    Love is waiting for them no matter how long
    because you couldn't imagine being with anyone else
    Love is seeing how special they are
    even if the rest of the world is blind
    Love is cherishing every moment, every word
    because you know nothing could be more wonderful
    Love isn't a word
    Love isn't a kiss
    Love isn't a wild night in a bedroom
    Love is the deep rooted passion inside out hearts
    that drives us absolutely crazy
    that makes us happy
    that keeps us whole when everything else falls apart
    What is Love?
    Is this in my heart
    Or in my head?