• No One Sees, No One Hears. No One Knows, No One Cares. No One Will Know My Fears. I Shall Not Show You My Tears.

    R.I.P To My Dreams.

    A Final Note, And So It Seems.

    Growing Weaker, Growing Colder.

    A Dieing Love Growing Older.

    Open Your Eyes.

    Find The Surprise.

    Behind Those Lies.

    Trust Your Heart.

    And Leave Me Behind.

    And Still Yet So Blind.

    A Final Kiss With My Final Note.

    Dimming Quicker Is Thy Hope.

    Untie This Rope.

    Let Me Breathe.

    Let Me Go.

    To Let Me Fly.

    But Not Yet.

    Will Those Memories Die.

    And So Again Goes My Final Goodbye.