• I'm In Plain Sight

    I see her every day.
    Why doesn't she notice me that way.
    I've kind of made it obvious.
    But she only sees me as a friend.
    But I wish it was more.
    Oh god, why do I have to fall for the ones who aren't just beautiful on the outside?
    I mean how could I not feel this when every day I see her.
    When she has that distinctive blonde hair.
    And those blue eyes that I wouldn't mind losing myself in them for all eternity.
    Of all this though her smile and laugh beat them all by a long shot.
    Damn! Why do I have to fall hard for the beautiful and the proud and smart.
    If I could change this part of me about one eighth would say yes and about seven eighth would scream towards my heart and soul "NO!".
    "For you are a fool to want to change your feeling" is what they say"You mustn't do that for that is what life is....it is love and for things remotely close to it you must keep."
    So I listen and I endure the lightheaded feeling and the knotted stomachs that come with it.
    I endure because I linger on to hope...as does every person.
    I hope that she'll see that I can be more than a friend for her...that there's more than just a laugh every now and then behind who I am.
    And I deeply hope that the time comes soon when she see that, for I feel time is for the essence.
    So if you your reading this, know this...I'm in plain sight...for you to find me.
    But you must also know this....it's alright if you have not the same feelings, for if that is the case...I will keep hoping and looking for another.