• In this world of hate, how do we find love?
    Do we find it in a diamond ring?
    A fancy car?
    In any trivial possession?
    Is is it in the heart of man?
    That heart of ours?
    That tortures thousands, that kills millions?
    That abuses the helpless animal, the innocent child?
    That drives us to kill because of race, religion, or nationality?
    That drives us to create viruses that have no cure, weapons that destroy the world,technology that destroys nature.
    How is love possible when people have millions, yet some have nothing.
    How can love even exist?
    Yet we do love.
    We can find it in our hearts to bring joy to those who have none, bring water to those who don't have, bring hope to helpless children, have health care for animals, to create technology that saves lives, to love and expect nothing in return.
    How is it possible in such destructive beings?
    Is it possible to love just because we have the ability to love?
    Or is it something else?
    Is it an instinct?
    Or is it of our own volition?
    How can we know?
    Thousands of years spent trying to answer this question.
    None succeeded.
    Perhaps, like many things in life, there is no answer.
    And perhaps it is the best answer.