• I'm sorry that I won't be there,
    to brush your teeth, and comb your hair.
    To tuck you up in bed each night,
    and tell you everythings alright.

    I'm sorry that when things get tough,
    your fathers words won't be enough.
    You will not find my warm embrace.
    So you'll need to put on a brave face.

    Know I'll miss you, as you'll miss me.
    So please keep me in your memories.
    Do not forget your mothers love.
    As I watch you from high above.

    I always want to shout out loud.
    That your smart and kind and make me proud.
    And though i'm gone I live in you.
    I'll guide you in the things you do.

    So when you feel alone and scared.
    Just look inside and I'll be there.
    Mother and child, our souls entwined.
    Our hearts forever, one combined.