• -Love-
    12/09/08 “Effect of your Emotions” By: Brandon K. McLemore
    Your passion explodes into me as a volcano exploding into a town.
    Your love burns into my body as a sun burning grass to die.
    I can feel your lust surging into me like a needle sticking in my arm releasing blood.
    I can see your dark deep desires as if I can see life as a dark hole sucking me in. Your pain eradicates me body and my mind turning it to sorrow.
    Your love stabs my heart and soul suppressing my hurtful memories.
    Your body is one thing I love but do not need it to love you.
    Your personality is another love reason but I do need a present personality for the past is the past.
    I do not care what they say, the shadows I do not love so I do not believe them, only you.
    I will listen to your soul through your eyes and actions.
    We might be far apart but together we own this world.
    Can I keep you, or will you deny what is in my heart.
    I would give my blood, soul, and life for your love.
    I gave you a piece of my heart but you hurt it and watch it mercilessly.
    You still cry as your teardrops fall on it but still you are lying to it.