• A man walks in around 5 a.m.
    He sports a coat and a double chin.
    He's out late on business, an important man,
    But he's not too important to be next weeks "lamb".

    So I say "welcome sir, here's the deal;
    If you help me out back you'll eat free veal."
    A hungry man is easily bought
    He follows me to the back without second thought

    We take a trip to the back
    The fat man nearly has a heart attack
    Some people say it's morbid, gross
    I just say it makes a better roast

    So he turns to me and asks "what's the plan?"
    I hit him on the head with a frying pan
    As he falls to the floor I look at his face
    It's almost as if he knows how he'll taste

    I've been a help to my corporation
    Ecstaticly eager for my compensation
    That man brought in a pretty penny
    It was the most delicious thing since I cut up Kenny

    Behind the oven and greasy fryers
    Contains a racket ripe with buyers
    Human flesh is the new big thing
    For men with slaves and flashy bling

    With Benjamin bills and whistling song
    The sheriffs in town never quite "catch on"
    So we pull in cash and sell the meat
    Without the word ever hitting the street

    Some nights after, I sit at the bar
    I see a person pull up in a car
    The first one that I've had all night
    This little lady looks like she'd put up a fight

    So the woman walks in, she's wearing black
    Piercings in her nose, a tattoo on her back
    She looks a little fiesty, nothing I can't handle
    With a flick of my wrist she'll be snuffed out like a candle

    But she's too quick, she stabs with a knife
    And to think, I was intent on taking her life
    So with one last breath and an evil stare
    I take down that whore by her ******** hair

    I didn't even need her, it didn't have to end
    But unlike so many others I break and not bend