• hugs and kisses
    burns and disses
    to the very end.
    love me forever
    is just another fella
    whos promise is worth s**t.
    show me you mean it
    act like you never did before.
    you say you have seen this
    this poem before,
    but i have info for you
    i made this up 5 minutes before
    u better feel bad
    and a little stupid.
    go get another hoe to match
    i gave up right after you hatched
    well if you see this again
    it'd be copyright
    but thats alright
    id be a sight.
    you little cheater
    go away with her
    before you conseve her!!
    your feeling like s**t
    you know its true
    every girl before
    just wanted to ******** you
    i know better and so do you
    now go home before i say stfu
    when you try to come back
    with another lie
    now just get the ******** out
    of my mind!!!