• I kept it all inside, after you left.
    But then it all came free, it was freed from the walls I built.
    I tried so hard, not to make you come back.
    Your happy now, and thats all that matters...

    What was it, if you have feelings for him?
    Did you care?
    Did you even have feelings for me?
    Did you love me?
    If you didnt, then why try?!
    If I wasnt the one for you, what was the point?!

    I look at you now, the look of care and happyness gone.
    I look at you now, and wonder what was it?
    What was it, that made me think I loved you?
    Now, all I want to be is a memory.
    But you continue to rember me..

    When you forget me...
    Dont try to find me...
    I dont want to be found..
    After forgoten..

    I am loveless now, and all that matters is your happyness...
    I gave up mine for you..
    Dont return the favor...