• My Girl who shines just like a pearl
    That became my world, Shes got my emotions in a swirl
    Because ive been through so much pain
    But our bond has turned into a unbreakable chain
    And i cant complain, because this is the happiness i was trying to obtain
    So i must refrain from my mistakes, Because her love is at stake
    I wont lie and i wont run, Because that would make her cry
    And she is the one i dont want to lose, Never want to see her shed a tear
    I want our Relationship to last more then a few years, So losing her is my biggest fear
    she appeared out of no where, Now we are saying we will be there for each other
    We shall not share our love love with another, But how can we when there is no one
    That can compare, But must remain aware Because people are out to break us up
    They can call it a dream,Because if it is, Then they cant wake us up,
    This cant be Fake, because its so real, i can feel the love start to heal these old scars
    We are starting to fly towards the stars, Because the world we want, is now ours