• Every people in this world have its own wishes
    But for me, some little things
    Around this world may be mine.

    I wish that I could have a garden
    That full of beautiful flowers rare or not rare
    So I could see them blooming every time

    I wish that I could have my own house
    That my family could live happily ever after
    That we could eat happily ever after

    I wish I could have a farm
    That has hard trees and also fruits
    So that I can get them every time

    I wish I could have our needed money
    To buy needed things
    But not much money to be true

    I wish I could find the greatest life
    With my family and friends
    So that I could not cry

    I wish that I could be an engineer,
    Writer or even a chef someday
    So that I could help my parents

    I wish the surroundings will be clean and green someday
    So that I could breathe clearly not the polluted air
    So that I couldn’t smell the garbage somewhere

    Someday I will think that it will be true
    All that I wish could be true
    And I wish that our parents
    Continue saying us “everything’s going to be alright”