• What turns a man to anger, and makes him kill his brother?
    What takes two friends, close as can be, and turns them on each other?
    What breaks two lovers' strongest bonds, and makes them choose a side?
    A raging, never-ending war, does nothing but divide.

    Though battles started, come to end,
    And peace can be restored again,
    Once enemies, can be called friend,
    But war will just move on.

    Treaties signed, agreements made,
    Wrongs are righted, debts repaid,
    Bridges burned can be remade,
    War will just move on.

    War will find another place,
    A difference in belief or race,
    Can cause a violent, endless chase,
    To find out who is wrong.

    For being right will never matter,
    Amongst all of the bloody spatter,
    The boom of cannons, rifle's clatter,
    Who's the one to blame?

    Like children, nations start to bicker,
    Friendship flames die down to flicker,
    Lives are lost, and for what cause?
    So war, can satisfy itself.