• a kiss of sweet rain slips onto my face like a mask
    covering my identity and slicking back my hair

    In this pace I can be anyone, anywhere
    I am a girl on the verge of becoming a woman,
    with nowhere to turn, and no one to trust
    I am a boy who has just had his first kiss
    but was dumped right after
    never to have trust in love again
    I am an uncertain bird
    free from its cage for the first time
    not wanting to be caught out of this bittersweet world and put back in
    I am a baby
    new to this world
    not knowing who to place reliance on
    but i am forced to believe in everyone
    I am sweet and innocent
    but plagued by the problems this life has to offer

    I can dream when I am here.
    I am alone in the world
    My tears fall from my face
    mixing with the rain to shatter the surface of the troubled pond
    I scream with the wind, unsettling the poor trees
    and frightening the dying grass
    A roar rips from my throat
    and my eyes shimmer and gleam with tears in the dim golden light from my candle
    These woods reek of the hardships of winter

    As i hide in my unprejudice sanctum, I think of the city
    The place is always consumed by light, never sleeping
    It always cowers from the shadows, pretends they arnt there
    as if afraid that if they see them, the darkness will devour their precious light
    but without the shadows, how are they to be grateful of the light?
    They don't understand.
    To be loud, you must have silence to compare it to.
    Here I am in balance.

    Dawn peeks over the trees of my forest
    breaking into my peaceful set of mind.
    The warm golden light contrasts with my misty blues.
    I put on a sad, knowing smile.
    I must leave my golden hide out for a more yellow world.

    I put on a grin to hide my true feelings on the matter,
    and start down my old, rugged and beaten dust path.
    Hopefully a brighter day was ahead,
    but to join with it I had to be myself.
    Not the girl, not the boy, not the bird, not the baby.

    I was alone in my mind, but I was not alone.
    I was surrounded by people that didn't care
    They go about their busy lives,
    and when they aren't busy, they act like they are.
    However much I wished to stay in my sanctuary,
    I was headed back to this unbalanced world.

    The hell I lived in was not ever to be a heaven
    Utopia cannot be attained
    because it can always be made better.
    When people are living and dying everyday
    Where am I?