• im starting to notice something
    and its not a good thing , atleast for you.
    i keep thinking over and over if its supose to be true.
    the thigs i use to see and feel have now faded away.
    my mind says to stay but my heart says to go
    so i decided to agree with what my heart is telling me.
    Im moving on,
    the only reason im feeling depression and pain again is that im sensing that im losing you.
    i may not show any sadness what so ever on the outside but in the inside im screaming.
    i know there are tears filling my eyes but they arnt streaming down my face.
    i was happy at first but when the days gone by then i slowly feel numb.
    the only thing i rather do now is dance instead of thinking of you.
    Dont blame me for anythig i havent done.
    Cause im not ganna be the one feeling dumb.
    i take deep breaths from losing so much air.
    and i say its your fault that im taring you apart.
    dont take all this seriously cause only pain will do ya good.
    we are so young to understand that we dont even know what love truly is.
    so i say love isnt inside both of us if we cant even show it.
    i wasnt sure what to do or say,
    but now i know,
    im saying it was like a dream but my dreams usually turn into nightmares.
    im trying to tell you to get out of my dream cause its like my nightmares is getting worse and making me a demon.
    something doenst seem right about me and you.
    so i pretend to push you away incase i intend to hurt you a different way.
    i struggle through life but life is just complicated.
    i just wanna tell you one more thing to open your heart and mind,
    we just werent ment to be.
    that is that.im done
    and everything is clear now.
    im going to the bright side of the world and thats freedom.
    lets just forget everything that has happend and go our seperate ways.
    look ahead of you , youll see your starting a new beginning.