• Dance, Mistress?
    As you wish.
    As you command.

    Tell a joke?
    If it pleases you.
    Do a trick?
    Yes, Mistress.

    What's this, you bore of me?
    I'm sorry, Mistress.
    Did you just call me a fool?
    No, Mistress, I am not.

    What's this?
    You've called me a fool again.
    I'm too much the fool to do anything?
    Why, Mistress, I would not say that to your jester.

    What's this?
    You are calling your guards?
    They won't come, Mistress.
    They are dead.

    Your Jester has relieved them of their stations, Mistress.
    Because this fool wanted time alone with you.

    What's this?
    Your luck has changed, Mistress?
    Yes, it has.

    What's this, Mistress?
    I'm insane?
    Yes, I am.
    Now, dance for me, Mistress.