• However much I don't beleive
    There was always at least one
    One person who would talk, make me happy again
    I may have never noticed it
    Cause in my mind I am hated
    Maybe I am, & it's all a trick
    But nethertheless they were always there for me
    Their kind souls could comfort me in my hours of need
    There are those thught's in your head
    The one's that say to end it all now
    The one's we all experience at least once
    One day it was all my mind could think
    All that came from my lips
    I almost did it there & then
    But they came to my rescue
    Their voices were there for me
    Their souls like sponges
    Absorbing my sorrows
    Thanks to them
    I have lived to this day
    & though I have never actually said it aloud
    If anyone is out there that has helped me
    The you have the eternal gratitude of this happy soul
    Thank you
    I owe you my life