• It´s a beautiful life, so let´s just enjoy it.
    It´s a great time to be with the ones you
    Love and share the happiness with them.

    It´s just the moment to fade away every
    Dark cloud in your life and let the warm
    And shiny light of the sun touch your
    Face,melting away any tissue.

    Because everyday we spent thinking about
    Things without importance,worrying about
    Nothing and making other people worry.
    Let the wind carry away all your worries,
    Let the wind carry away all your problems,
    Let the wind carry away all the bad memories,
    And let it vanish the dark mist that have made
    You blind,and with your own eyes be the
    Witness of the gorgeous gift of being here,alive.

    Breathing,laughing,and the most important
    Living without fear of the future,nothing wrong
    Can happen if you stay enjoying each precious
    Moment you may spent with your family,friends,
    Persons close to you,who knows....
    Maybe someday we´ll be rewarded with the thing
    We desire the most,What is it you may ask....
    It will be your choice.