• I never knew how it would feel..
    To be loved.
    To be needed.
    To feel special.
    To feel like I am worth something.

    But I never get those feelings..
    You say you'd always love me.
    And now you break my heart.
    Am I still a thought in your mind?

    I lay here in the darkness with music blasting through my ears.
    Wondering how it feels to be loved.
    So many relationships just makes an even bigger pile of broken hearts.

    Please tell me that you havn't forgotten about me at least.
    If you loved me as much as said then you would have never pushed me away.
    You will always be in my mind.
    Even if I don't want you to be.

    You were my everthing and I love you.
    I still love you truely and deeply.
    All I ask is for you to show me how it feels to be loved.
    Don't forget the memories we have had together please.