• O Rose, O Rose,
    O Flower of pain,
    How is it that your love can stay?

    You stand at your post
    Through day and night,
    Never breaking your host,
    though you are so light.

    Your thorns rip at every emotion,
    Yet the very sight of you
    Is a healing potion.

    So why is that day in and day out,
    You are looked over by so many?
    Perhaps you are too small to shout,
    But I think that you are ready.

    Never have you been small
    In my eyes. You are the center of all
    Emotion. You convey
    Love, sadness, anger, joy, jealousy,
    So many emotions in a day.

    Even though, you convey death,
    laying on cold stone,
    you also bring life,
    such sweet life,
    with every tiny breath.