• my names danny, im a 14 year old whos life is pretty much screwed up,my parents really dont care bout me,they could care less if i dont get home by 6 am.i got my girlfriend pregnant 7 and a half months ago,so im gonna have to give up my social life to take care of what the doctor said is supposed to be twins,half of the time i just live on the streets because i cant stand my family,got hit by a car about 2 years ago and lost my arm,left eye,and left ear,i got a mechanical arm,and a fake ear with a hearing aid,and a fake eye.though since i love my girlfriend sophie,its all gonna be okay,though ive come close to suicide i got through it cause of my friends,ive been stabbed and shot,so my lifes pretty bad,but still,im good with it.

    my real mom died in a cold blood murder when i was 9,she was shot at her second job at pathmark,the guy who shot her wasnt willing to give up two of his items when he needed five more dollars to pay for his stuff,i beat the s**t outta him,no body ******** messes with my family, my real dad got remarried a year and a half later,to this ******** b***h who i cant stand,she thinks she deserves the ******** world cause of how good she looks,if it wasnt illegal id ******** stab her,my dad died 4 months and 16 days ago,2 days before my ******** birthday,the only relative of mine who i could open up to,my step-mom got remarried about a month and a half later,she was really ******** comfortabal,barely spent any money on my dads funeral,my blood related brother is now my only loved relative,cause my sisters a coke head who i cant stand,she once tried to steal my life savings and when i caught her she stabbed me in my stomach,i knocked her out and had to get surgery,so my brother my girlfriend sophie,and my best friend james and my friends mccailan(probably not spelt right),and my second best friend tyrique H. are the only ones i ever talk to pretty much.i moved to france a couple months ago but we didnt have enough money to live there,so all of us moved back here,where i ******** hate it.im not related to my gaurdians,i only like one of my siblings,and my girlfriend is pregnant,(we're actually married but most people dont belive me when i tell them how you can get married in georgia before your 1 cool isnt god great?