• do you want some participation
    something to lead to some escalation
    of elation,
    a Belgian breakfast that was made for free
    without any room service fee, delivered directly
    to your room-
    that's right not a dream that was delivered by shrooms,
    you may think i wrote this in the smoke ploom

    now it's all on me that i am now soon to be gone
    how it is now all on me, it's responsibility
    now sing the damn tune son, contaminated the streams with energon
    transform into a robot or some appliance with a big ol' butt
    only adequate playin' putt putt at the rigged alliance
    now this isn't strict science but when you add me you get a minus

    but seriously i'm just trying to level with myself while
    trying to come in contact with my inner self-
    you might want to try justifying yourself as a user
    the sort so high that they might float by
    with no use a lone caboose attached to no train-
    but lady or player that is just what they identify as pain
    a feeling you get when your best boy is slain,

    the sort of instance that occurs when the memory
    of it thereof is persistent- if you never got into Dali
    then let me tell you time is on the room and dead
    ruled over by death and this Hindu god named Kali
    who was a nice dood, i suppose who brewed the food
    for one that was without anything but shoes, that's right
    he was nude and without that brewed food and worked

    for what he could- now on the same note my reaper is
    sinking deeper in the drinka' that he'll never get out if he goes deeper,
    if this is a trashy rhyme then you drink yourself stupid
    try and design-- one rhyme that isn't birthed in some lupin
    a werewolf that hunts the blimps
    zeppelins that are on fire the kind busting thermometer temps
    and the landing gear includes grenades instead of road tires
    the promenade will never recede though it'll definitely intercede
    between my instant of relaxation inside the crumbling nation
    it's not irresponsible since every other day i seem to be a constable
    working his a** trying to be sensible, now it seems the reasons all make a crucible--
    either be a lover or duck for cover