• As the lights start to fade, the streets become cleared.
    the hurtful words replay in your ears
    now sitting alone has made you weak and afraid
    there is no one but you, who can remember your name.
    what do you do when they lock the door and close the gate
    no matter where you run to, you will always be late
    the pain you inflict on yourself, no body knows
    do you give up or refuse to let go?
    trapped you feel, you're in a social cage
    where can you escape, who will let you be safe?
    continue to wander, pacing about
    you keep losing yourself, there is a need to be found.
    all those people nearby, they just go on with there lives
    but no one has cared to notice you, in a very long time.
    you feel worthless, not a thing to miss
    ripped apart inside, you need to be fixed
    there isn't anyone you can hold on to,
    they all left you alone.
    where is that sanctuary that once was your home?
    where are your friends?
    the ones you thought you trust?
    now, all that you need, is somebody to love
    you try to go on, you feel ready to fly.
    but you go to get up; you have already died.