• when we frist met u were like a prirets treasure that everyone would try to find
    you said all these sweet things that meant a lot to me
    but to you they were just words
    you just dont understand how to treat me
    when were in bed i tell u i love u
    you say i love you back i fall to sleep in regret
    in the morning i wake up and tell u i love you again
    you slowly say i love you to and u kiss my check
    i lay down n bed as u leave to work my mind is blank and n doubt
    as i get up out the covers i head to the phone after a hour while ur gone
    i try to call u to tell u i miss u but you didnt answer
    when you came home i asked what did you do today
    he told me the usual and kissed my cheek
    but thats all he ever does is kiss my cheek
    i left to go to the store to get some food
    i come back about to put my key in the door
    and i hear him say i love you so much in the house to someone
    and that person said i love you back i didnt go in the house
    i ran back to the car and cried and asked my self
    "i thought he loved me....i cared for him...i did the best i could to be with him..
    i quit my job...i moved from mississippi all the way to california for him.....
    i dont understand what i did wrong i thought he loved me"
    i get out the car about to go to the door and i see a girl walk out and saw him kiss her
    on the lips like he never done to me and it looked like she was pregenat i came up to him
    and pushed the girl and slapped him and asked "do you love me...... do you really love me
    no u dont.....i thought u did but i was wrong"i shaked my head slowly and went back to the car and drove off never to see his face again the one i thought loved me doesnt see wah
    i see in him