• First Love

    After all the pain and suffering,
    And the feeling that I had nothing,
    He came to me, a blinding light,
    Giving my heart a reasont to fight,
    To breathe again in the aftermath,
    To live again and put what happened in the past,
    TO feel like I can live for something more,
    He made me feel like there was more in store.

    And so I lived for me and him,
    For the hours together filled with innocence,
    For the passion that his voice made me feel,
    That made me start to believe this could be real,
    That even though this was something new,
    That we could be one soul, one love-it still feels true.
    So we fell in love, and we fell hard,
    And I took a chance and let him be my fresh start.

    The hours turned to days and then to weeks,
    And just the thought of him took my breath from speech,
    He had a way of making me smile and laugh,
    And I never got the feeling that it wouldn't last,
    But then the world seemed to crumble and fall,
    When the hours turned to short, sometimes unfinished, calls,
    When the distance between us seemed to start to count,
    And the growing emotional tension began to mount.

    A 'break' to give him time to think,
    I never told him at that moment I couldn't speak,
    As my breath seemed to have been stolen from me,
    With the words my blind eyes refused to see,
    Until the day I found out about her,
    All I heard was love and it caused my insides to stir,
    But as the week came to a close,
    I was grasping for anything that resembled 'love'.

    Finally it was our relationship that seemed to have paid,
    For when our happiness together seemed never to fade,
    Its flaming light grew somewhat burnt, and dim,
    But I'll always love him for showing me it's okay to live,
    And thanks to him there's a new presence I crave,
    Because of a yellow brick road it seems he's paved,
    Showing this 'Alice' her way home,
    To a "torn open" boy that gives her new hope.