• i meet u in ur dreams,
    too many times to keep trake of,
    i've kissed u, and hugged u and so much more,
    but all of this romance isn't enough to make u stay.
    i wish u weren't dreamin, i want this to be real,
    but it isn't,
    it's not fair,
    but i have to put up wid this,
    or mayb it's me who needs to come to u.
    don't cry,
    please dont break down on me,
    just treasure the moment while u still can,
    i love u so much,
    that i can't even explain it,
    but u can pray all u want,
    and it wont help,
    just makes more desires come to ur heart,
    and sorry i said that,
    but it's kind of true,
    cuz u aready noe,
    deep down in ur heart,
    that i am just...
    the boy of ur dreams.