• Soft as the dreams
    And hopes
    They had for you
    Little baby bird
    Your soft bubble will be broken
    Though the world isn't perfect
    Little baby bird
    You can't be either
    Try to dry your wings
    Though the rain keeps on pourin'
    Keep your head high,
    Little baby bird
    Need to stand alone
    Need to know
    Not that the world is loveless
    But how to love
    and learn
    from those who are
    Little baby bird
    With hopes and dreams of many
    And the hate and disregard of others
    Pressing down your wings
    How will you fly?
    Those who see good in you
    Want you to soar
    But those who see your weakness
    Wait with open mouths for you to fall
    Little baby bird
    Open your throat
    Call for your loved ones
    Cry out at your loathed ones
    Learn to sing
    Little baby bird
    Tied to the earth
    By promises of good things
    And fear of the bad
    Tied by comfort and familiarity
    But urged on
    Little baby bird
    Come on and fly
    Little baby bird
    See how far you've come?
    From the soft downy puff
    Found among broken egg shells
    To the bird you are now
    Little baby bird
    Little no longer
    Unfold you wings
    And caress the sky