• As I walk forward in this world
    This painful life
    I find there are so many reasons to stay alive
    Just so many that hold me back from giving up
    One day I wish to walk
    Next to them
    The people I care for
    Without my strength showing
    Not holding that pathetic sword
    So I could maybe
    Show me who I am
    With a softer passion
    A heart that isn't so heavy
    Where my wishes are as possible
    Like stars in the sky
    Right now I wish to be that
    The kid who wants to be a kid
    In a growing world
    And aloud to be
    Yes weakness would show
    I would want it in that reality
    The scents of flying birds
    In my mind
    It would be ok
    And maybe I could be too
    Who knows
    Perhaps I could find the one I love
    We could be kids together
    Taking all the first steps
    Then I wouldn't care
    How wrong I was
    I could be me
    To be... me