• I find myself outside and I feel the snow crunch under my feet.
    The Frisky winds are Furious Tornados.
    The snow whips across my skin.
    The feel of drowning in freezing water.
    My body, My flesh, My soul..... nearly frozen.
    I lose my sense.
    My nerves are dead.
    My life is slipping.
    But, In a Instant, I feel warmth, A hug like a roaring flame.
    The heat from her heart.
    We walk back to her home.
    Hand in hand.
    Heart by Beating Heart.
    The crackle of fire brings the home to life.
    We lie on the floor together.
    I stare into her shimmering eyes.
    When I must leave,
    I say one last goodbye,
    With a kiss to seal it.