• Your words control me. My soul is now bleeding.
    My lesh that bonds. My hope is gone. I see you there.
    I see them stare. You walk, I follow. My love is filled with sorrow.
    My lesh. Your chain. Your love is driven me insain.

    I try to fly, but you clip my wings. You walk, I follow.
    You fill my heart with sorrow. Someday i'll break free.
    Then you'll have to follow me. Just wait and see.
    I walk. You follow. Now your filled with sorrow.

    Your eyes. My pain. You know I beat you at your own game.
    No longer will I be in pain. No longer will your love drive me insain.
    Your love game is over. I fly. I sing. I spread my wings.
    You walk. I walk away, cause I can spread my wings and fly away.