• Broken windows,
    Broken glass,
    Shattered frames,
    Left memories.

    Lonely trees,
    Blowing in the wind.

    Lonely sparrows,
    Looking for a song to whistle.

    Left pictures,
    Left from the past,
    A small girl,
    Blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Smiles and cheers,
    Always happy,
    Never any fuss,
    Always an angel.

    An angel with beautiful wings,
    Flying into heaven,
    Sitting right next to God,
    Always looking down on us.

    We look up remembering the blonde hair girl,
    Her blue eyes sparkling,
    Always happy.

    Everyone praying,
    Hoping she hears our prayer,
    Hoping she sees us looking up,
    Hoping she looks down.

    You close your eyes,
    You hear a quiet whisper...,
    I love you,
    An angel is upon you.

    Remembering her face,
    Her laugh,
    Her smile,
    Her joy.

    Tears run down your face,
    You hear another whisper...,
    Don't cry,
    You smile looking up.

    You kneel down,
    Remembering the blonde hair, blue eyes girl,
    Her laugh, her smile, her joy.