• you said i could tell you anything
    anything i please
    when i told you the truth
    you were going to be one of those devotees

    but my life became too much
    too much for you to handle
    how could i blame you
    my life was a scandal

    you said you would hold my hand
    by you weren't sure for just how long
    my deepest fear was that you would let go
    and that i would be left to do wrong

    i didn't want to be cast out
    my dreams were crushed i was all alone
    my friends were real close but they didn't know
    what i felt on my own

    my own family no matter how dear
    did not make up
    for the amount of fear

    that i faced through my short lived life
    each look from a stranger
    sends chills through my spine
    i take one look and you know your mine

    I'm scary, I'm fierce
    I'm dreaded, I'm tough
    no one wants to deal with that stuff

    but the truth is that is all a show
    the true me: the myself
    will not let go

    home is a jail
    school is a safe
    trapped and secure
    all in one place

    my emotional pain temporarily covered
    my tears burst forth
    through the barriers i had built
    to save myself from starting to wilt

    i am so vulnerable so true
    don't hurt me or you'll force me to hurt you
    i put up a wall that is carefully constructed
    carefully built with dreams born anew

    i hoped I'd be stronger with that wall
    i didn't know I'd just wait for it to fall
    i thought I'd be outgoing and true
    i didn't know id be waiting for you

    to come back and hold my hand
    gentle and free
    the only one who helped me see
    but you are gone

    you left me to hide my truth again
    waiting for someone new
    one more unfaithful someone
    to tell my truth to