• Close your eyes,
    And swallow your heart,
    You should have know this from the start,
    That what was promised,
    Promised only lies,
    Guilty pleasures in disguise.
    Firing squad,
    Aimed at my mind,
    10 Seconds left is all you'll find.
    Countdown starts,
    No time to live,
    thoughts are empty,
    brain like a sieve.
    Find a way I scream,
    But no words come out,
    Sheer regret I think,
    but the thought is wasted,
    Carved the bullets,
    with your name,
    So you could truly pass through me.
    they hit with fervent love,
    they feel no power from above,
    but they feel my skin,
    and love the rip,
    A man held shattered in their grip.
    Dead on the floor,
    Courage walks away,
    For they may live another day,
    But eyes are closing,
    Or is it fear,
    The body bag,
    I know is near.
    In time I will know,
    nothing but time itself,
    But as for now I lie awake,
    Dreaming of the day I feel no more,
    subtle hints of nevermore.