verse 1
    everything seems so real.
    we are sitting togther in the park
    holding hands. and my head's on your shoulder.
    you lean and kiss me on my cheek.
    is this all happening to me.

    i just had another.
    one of those crazy dreams.
    were you and i were togther forever.
    in my love, love dream.
    my crazy love dream

    verse 2
    walking through the mall.
    hand and hand we are.
    you tell me im gorgeous.
    and im the best thing thats happend to you.
    is this realy happening to me?

    chorus x 2

    i want you so badly you are all that i tkink of.
    your the 1, youre the o..........ne in my love dreams

    hope u guys liked my newest song love dream. if want more of my songs search my other accounts under hari saun and loveme_hate55. thanx hoped you enjoy. look out 4 more of my songs