• When the stars touch the skies
    I see the everlasting cries

    The pain and withering
    So disdain and bothering

    How you live is how you see
    What we do is you and me

    The blues and reds
    We stay asleep in our beds

    Must we live a life of pain
    Shall we live on in blood stain

    The hands we use, dirty and unclean
    The bodies we have, filthy and lean

    Will the fabrics of time open again
    Shall this hurt finally win

    The tears that fall from their cheeks
    The cries of help from little bird’s beaks

    I ask and ask again
    Shall we fight and ever win

    Will love find my pain and desire
    May my pain burn like fire

    Three words shiver in the moonlight
    The stars cry surely with fright

    All pale and untrusting
    All dead and unblushing

    Shall the ghosts ever haunt me
    Shall the pain ever taunt thee

    Wishes are dreams
    Dreams from our mind’s little schemes

    Will we live on and finally win
    Or shall it stay a forever sin

    With the bark on the tree never so soft
    The sky tumbles down with mine ever so aloft

    Two little words slither like snakes
    Ever so wondering with these quakes

    The crimson eyes that show fear
    The blood on my hands that tell I’m here

    Taunting, haunting me of my past
    The wind blows a gust, a blast

    Glasses hang like little chimes
    Over and over again are my times

    The ripple sin the surface ever so undone
    The pain has turned away from its fun

    I see and see again
    The war will never win

    One word slips past my lips
    Your hands rest on my hips

    It is death and hatred I have for you
    Why must the sky be ever so blue

    For I look and fly to the clouds
    The tall buildings only mounds

    I fear hurt and pain
    My thoughts are of the silver rain.